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Lomond Invest are a property investment consultancy specialising in the sourcing, renovating and ongoing asset management of residential property portfolios. With a strong history and presence in Ayrshire, our expertise extends to Glasgow, the Central Belt and beyond. Lomond Invest work with all investors looking to build portfolios of quality, energy-efficient residential properties.

Our unique, comprehensive end-to-end service includes identifying each investment; providing a detailed analysis of costs; managing the renovation and upgrade of each property; and the ongoing management. Invest’s focus is on creating quality, efficient homes which generate robust medium-to-long term returns for clients.

Lomond Invest’s Directors Adrian Tobin, Ross Cowan and Stephen Spence have over 30 years combined property experience and will be delighted to help you build or expand your existing portfolio.Please contact us on 01292 280855

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Invest: in Vision

Think Outside the Box

Our creative approach to property investment features heavily in our working relationship with each of our clients. This provides an understanding to different markets and trends which results in informed decisions on how to progress each project.

Be Responsible

Working alongside socially conscious Investors who understand the value of creating quality homes to benefit both their portfolio and the lifestyle of their tenants. Energy efficiency is high on our agenda and is a focus around our upgrading strategy on each project.

Build Strong Relationships:

We believe strongly in exceeding expectations, which is why many of our investors further expand on their portfolio as their working relationship with Lomond Invest continues to grow.

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Invest: in Asset Management

We Source

Working closely with each investor, Lomond Invest locate and tailor investments to each client’s criteria, the key to sourcing the most suitable properties to fit a robust portfolio and in meeting investment goals.

We Renovate

Invest advice on how to improve assets is a large and important part of the investor journey. Each project is carefully managed to completion, including all safety and legislation requirements. High-quality finishes always secure quality tenants, reducing void periods and optimising returns.

We Manage

A key USP, Lomond Invest’s management of your property starts with sourcing, but continues on completion of your refurbishment. We also monitor the property income and track the performance of your portfolio.

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Invest: in a Shared Vision

We Build Relationships

Lomond Invest believe strongly in exceeding expectations. Many of our investors expand their portfolios with us, and our relationship continues to grow.

We Create

Our approach involves working closely with each client and tailoring renovations to each property. Invest create individual properties, modernising, upgrading and reconfiguring to realise contemporary living spaces, delivering excellent yield and tenant satisfaction.

We Invest Responsibly

Meeting legislation demands is not good enough for Lomond Invest. We target best-in-class, energy efficient and safe renovations built to last. We love working with socially conscious Investors who understand the wider value and benefits of this approach.

Invest: in Quality

Lomond Invest are proud of what we achieve for our investorsHere’re some of our favourite projectsLet Lomond Invest get to work for you, call us on 01292 280855

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